Michelle Campbell Hoops

Trenton, NJ

Established 2013


Former WNBA Basketball Player for the Chicago Sky and Current European Professional for Ormanspor (Turkey)

Michelle Campbell Hoops enters it's third year in 2017. She holds annual camps in New Jersey and Philadelphia. A sought after camp clinician who recognized the need for quality coaching in girls basketball. Her camps, clinics, and small group training have a positive impact on the girls basketball community. 

New Jersey Warriors Junior College Football Team

Jackson, NJ

Established 2017


Their mission is to provide a second chance to young men who have struggled academically but who wish to continue playing football and earn a college degree. New Jersey community colleges don’t offer football, forcing many players to leave the state and acquire heavy debt. While playing for them, they require that all participants be enrolled full time at a New Jersey community college earning credit toward an associate’s degree. They expect that the players complete their associate’s degree within two years. The player will then be eligible to transfer to a four-year university to play football and earn a bachelors degree. The student-athlete will grow as a man and learn life skills, which will translate into learning and playing at a higher level.

Lissette Brandao Soccer 

Former Member of the Portugal Women’s National Soccer Team


Brandao Soccer Training started ten years ago while Lissette was still playing. She later became a teacher and successful head soccer coach at a high school. The demand for her camps, clinics, and small group training continued to grow. Her New Jersey based business is now her full time job. 

Brian Leonard Football Camp

Potsdam, NY

Established 2007

Former NFL Football Player for the St. Louis Rams, Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and New Orleans Saints

The Brian Leonard Football Camp enters it's tenth year in 2017 and operates in Northern New York. The camp is held in Potsdam, NY in St. Lawrence County. The county is ranked 59 of 62 for average income.  

Shore's Best Football Camp

The Shore's Best Football Camp enters it's tenth year in 2017. The camp is well known for the college exposure it offers participants and featured over 20 colleges in 2017. 


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